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We offer an independent psychological service to schools, parents, families, barristers and the courts. Dr Ludwig F Lowenstein (BA, MA, Dip.Psych, C.Psychol Ph.D) is a Chartered Psychologist, as well as a member of the British and American Psychological Associations. He was recently made President Elect (2010) of the International Council of Psychologists. He is also a former Director of the International Council of Psychologists. Being a director of ‘Southern England Psychological Services’, he diagnoses treatments in children and adults with various psychological problems. A forensic psychologist dealing with cases on personal injury, criminal behaviour, educational, family and children problems (specialising in parental alienation). Please feel free to visit www.parental-alienation.info for more information. Working in defence of clients and prosecution with 40 years of experience and over 400 articles (published over a dozen books in the areas of psychology) we offer a professional, efficient, qualitative and comprehensive service.

Southern England Psychological Services work in several areas:

  • Forensic psychology.
  • Medico-legal assessments and treatment
  • Educational assessments
  • Employee and employer disputes leading to tribunals.
  • Working with children, adolescent and adult problems of various kinds.
  • We publish widely in the area of forensic psychology including medico-legal problems and criminal areas. (see publications on this website).

    Medico-Legal Work

    We assess individuals on a medico-legal basis using an independent expert witness. We have been doing this for over 30 years with considerable success and satisfied clients, many solicitors, as well as private individuals. The Southern England Psychological Service based in Hampshire and London provides expert solutions to problems of individuals as well as companies.

    We provide a service for Solicitors and Barristers and provide expert witness testimony acting in both criminal and civil cases. Our expert witness will be highly trained to provide the best possible service. We work quickly, especially if there is a necessity for doing so, to provide an assessment, and a clear concise report. We receive both single and joint instructions.

    Private Individuals

    We offer a psycho-diagnostic assessment for children, adolescents as well as adults and provide a swift reporting system on our findings.We also offer treatment as a follow-up and advise as to how the client can best be helped in the future. In the area of treatment we use cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) and other useful techniques likely to achieve their end of helping individuals to improve in a wide range of psychological difficulties.

    We provide risk assessment in a number of areas based on in-depth interviews and psychological tests, both for children and adults as well as families. This includes cognitive as well as personality testing.

    In the work setting

    In the work setting we provide information on improving mental health, reducing stress and burn-out and increasing productivity. We also work to improve communications within the organisation and resulting conflicts.

    We look forward to hearing from you. Contact us at ludwig.lowenstein@btinternet.com or telephone us on 02380692621 from the UK or 00442380692621 outside the UK. Our mail address is Allington Manor, Allington Lane, Fair Oak, Eastleigh, Hampshire, SO50 7DE, UK.
New book! Parental Alienation (2007). Please click here for further details. A .pdf ordering form is available here.



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